Download the 11 Essentials of Digital Literacy Skills

Download the 12 Essentials of Digital Literacy Skills

Whether we’re preparing students for college or the 21st century workforce, our kids will need to master these 12 Essential Digital Literacy Skills in order to thrive.

Studies have shown that digitally native students are not necessarily as digitally savvy as we have presumed.  In fact, last year the University of Connecticut reported that fewer than 8% of 13-year-olds could send a proper email, including a subject line, greetings, or a clear message.

Are your students falling behind because of digital literacy? 

In this guide you’ll find:

  • Why Digital Literacy is more than keyboarding and test preparation
  • The top three elements students need to learn for each Essential Skill
  • Ideas to standardize across your curriculum, classes and cohorts

Download this free guide today, to better understand and address your students’ real digital literacy needs.