Our goal as educators is to prepare our students to face the challenges of tomorrow. These days that means ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed in our digital world. Though your students may be able to play video games and use cell phones, that doesn’t mean they have the digital literacy skills they need to be successful on online assessments, in college, or in their future career in a global economy. 

In this on-demand webinar, Nettie McDonald Briggs, Senior Education Specialist for Learning.com, and Jeff Meyer, Director of Education for Learning.com, share how you can give your students a competitive edge by equipping them with digital literacy skills – starting as early as kindergarten. Briggs and Meyer: 

  • Explore how standards help build a comprehensive digital literacy curriculum; 
  • Review strategies to effectively implement curriculum; 
  • Offer best practices for integrating digital literacy into core area instruction.  

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About the Presenter: 

Nettie McDonald Briggs is an educator with 34 years of public education experience teaching many subjects, student populations, grade levels, and teachers. For 13 years, Nettie was part of building a very successful instructional technology program in a large Texas district. She currently is the senior education specialist for Learning.com where she supports successful district implementations of their resources. In addition to supporting K-8 teachers with technology integration, she led curriculum writing teams to organize Learning.com resources and district-created activities aligned to the K-8 technology and core subject standards to be used across the district. Nettie is passionate about supporting teachers’ understanding of how technology supports student learning of core area subjects.