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At an accelerating rate, adolescent communication is happening over technology. Coupled with this are rising instances of cyberbullying. In fact, 70 percent of surveyed K-12 students say they have witnessed cyberbullying occur.  

To address this alarming statistic, Director of Technology, Evan Abramson, helped Millburn Township Public Schools in New Jersey develop a cyberbullying prevention program that provides teachers with the resources and support they need to confidently address cyberbullying and other online safety topics with their students. 

In this on-demand webinar, Abramson:  

  • Defines cyberbullying and explore how it varies from other forms of bullying students experience; 
  • Shares where cyberbullying tends to occur; 
  • Reviews cyberbullying laws codified by states; 
  • And offers cyberbullying prevention techniques for educators and strategies for building a district-wide cyberbullying program. 

About the Presenter


Evan Abramson is the director of technology at the Millburn Township Public Schools in New Jersey. In addition, Evan is currently the chair for the Future Ready Schools where he oversees the creation of the statewide initiative and scoring rubrics. He has presented on numerous topics nationwide such as school leadership, district innovation, and new teacher engagement. Evan currently consults with school districts on Future Ready School readiness, climate, and culture improvement.