To achieve high school readiness, digital literacy should be embedded in both elementary and middle school curriculum 

In this on-demand webinar, Jeff Meyer, Director of Education from, provides an overview of 12 essential digital literacy skills that every student should master before entering high school. This session reviews: 

  • The standards and online assessments that drive digital literacy instruction; 
  • The essential digital literacy skills that need to be covered in elementary and middle school curriculum to meet these requirements and achieve high school readiness; 
  • The optimal sequence for addressing digital literacy skills in K-8 curriculum. 

By the end of the webinar, viewers will better understand how digital literacy skills can be addressed in elementary and middle school curriculum to ensure high school readiness.

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About the Presenter


Jeff Meyer is the Director of Education for and resident product expert for their digital literacy solutions. Jeff has 35 years of experience working in education as a public-school teacher and coach, district curriculum and technology director, and administrator. He is passionate about the need to transform education using data-based, inquiry-driven approaches and digital resources, especially with urban students and educators. He works to identify best practices for internal and external audiences.