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Data indicates that students who have strong digital literacy skills often score higher on online assessments like SmarterBalanced and state-specific assessments like Arizona’s AZMerit 

In this on-demand webinar, hear from Technology and Digital Literacy Specialists at Flagstaff Unified School District in Arizona, who will share how their students have improved their performance on online assessments by focusing on digital literacy skills. This webinar provides: 

  • An overview of key digital literacy skills needed to prepare students for online assessments; 
  • Sample online assessment questions that require student digital literacy skills; 
  • Criteria that can be used to evaluate digital literacy programs, curriculum, and instruction to ensure they will improve student performance on these assessments. 

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About the Presenters


Mary Knight has been an educator with the Flagstaff Unified School District in Arizona for over 25 years. As the director of technology, she oversees the student information system, infrastructure, and instructional technology services. She believes that having a healthy and well-functioning technology environment is critical in providing effective educational and administrative resources to district students, staff, and community. Mary earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and her master’s degree in elementary ed. with a technology emphasis at Northern Arizona University. She began her career as an elementary library media specialist where she first observed the benefits of technology for student learning. Mary believes that digital resources are a critical component in providing engaging and meaningful learning experiences for today’s students.


Heather Breedlove is the technology integration coordinator for the Flagstaff Unified School District in Arizona and received the AzTEA Educational Technology Specialist of the Year award in 2015. Heather develops, facilitates, and coordinates professional development opportunities in technology integration for teachers, staff, and administration. She is passionate about innovative teaching practices and provides a variety of experiences for teachers to learn about technology that can transform their teaching and classrooms. Heather came to FUSD from Phoenix. She has taught a variety of grade levels, including at an international school in the Philippines. She earned her master’s and bachelor’s degree in elementary education through Northern Arizona University.


In the role of Digital Literacy Specialist, Heather Zeigler, assists students in the development of the digital literacy skills critical for their future of college and/or career. She accomplishes this by supporting students, teachers, administrators, and staff through professional development and peer coach program advancement and facilitation focused on technology integration. A prior elementary classroom teacher herself, Heather now guides Flagstaff Unified School District staff in their role as facilitators of learning by planning technology-rich projects and encouraging practices of integrating technology into education in a positive manner that promotes a more diverse, rigorous, and personalized learning environment for the digital learners in our schools today. Heather attended Northern Arizona University for both her undergraduate and graduate studies, earning a bachelor’s degree in education and a master’s degree in education and educational technology. Heather is certified in elementary education.