The idea that “digital-native” kids are digitally proficienis a myth. If we provide students with core curriculum instruction but ignore foundational digital literacy skills, we set students up to fall short of the demands of higher education and the workforce. 

With the right resources, you can successfully embed digital literacy into what you are already teaching and meet academic standards that require students to demonstrate specific digital skills—all while saving time and engaging students with technology. 

Nettie Briggs, former District Instructional Technology Teacher at Klein ISD, likens a standards-aligned digital literacy program to the process of making a taco. Hope you are hungry! In this on-demand webinar, Nettie addresses: 

  • The importance of finding aligned solutions for digital literacy; 
  • The process of building alignment between curriculum, instruction, and assessment; 
  • The ways in which standards power digital literacy curriculum; 
  • And the multitude of ways to incorporate technology-infused projects into core-subject instruction. 

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About the Presenter: 

Nettie McDonald Briggs is an educator with 34 years of public education experience teaching many subjects, student populations, grade levels, and teachers. For 13 years, Nettie was part of building a very successful instructional technology program in a large Texas district. She currently is the senior education specialist for where she supports successful district implementations of their resources. In addition to supporting K-8 teachers with technology integration, she led curriculum writing teams to organize resources and district-created activities aligned to the K-8 technology and core subject standards to be used across the district. Nettie is passionate about supporting teachers’ understanding of how technology supports student learning of core area subjects.